Welcome to ArtVikings.

My name is Krzysztof Kamiński.

Art Vikings is an association of cooper masters and re-enactment community.

I am passionate enthusiast of history, in particular of the Vikings and Medieval periods and I have been working and participating within the UK and European re-enactment community for the last ten years.

You can meet me at premier UK and European events and specialist fairs. I do not offer the same products as many other online re-enactment retailers. Art Viking’s strength lies in our uncommon combination of varied product range and broad knowledge and experience. Art Vikings offers only high-quality goods such as unique clothing, woodenware and replicas of historic jewellery. We are very proud of our woodenware. All tankards, mugs and barrels are hand-made using the traditional techniques of the European Cooper Masters, following a tradition across many generations. The wood is sealed with a highly durable, waterproof finish what makes our tankards water tight.

If you are into Medieval and Viking periods and have in mind something what you wish to have but have been unable to find it anywhere – we can order it for you made to order by the best craftsmen. You will find something for re-enactors as well as more contemporary modern items. All of our products are handmade what make them unique. I am constantly sourcing products, and working with craftsman to create an authentic product.

I travel around Europe visiting the markets as I enjoy speaking to our customers. However as we cannot be everywhere and we would like to get out to a wider clientele and enable you to purchase our unique products we are giving you the opportunity to order our products via our website.



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